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Trance mediumship covers a multitude of different trance states. 'Trance' means that you are in altered states, and that your brainwaves have slowed down considerably. It is this state that is required in all forms of trance mediumship.

The subjects covered within the workshop are :

* The mechanics of mediumship
* Understanding units of mind power
* Briefly, getting to know your own mind & how it works
* Perception (defined as seeing, hearing, touching, tasting & smelling
* Understanding how we perceive and how that relates to mediumship
* Defining trance & the purpose of trance
* The uses of trance
* How we can develop trance
* Who can develop trance
* The benefits of trance for mediums
* Understanding if this is control, or suggestion
* So much more...

This course is split in to 2 parts

A full colour book is included with EACH part, 2 x CD's, including a certificate of understanding

Post graduate follow up circles are also held every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Ripon

This is Margaret's 10th anniversary of running this particular course here in the UK, and in Switzerland

Upcoming Courses

2017 Dates
19 July / 16 Sept